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The vehicle is safe to transport and fully drivable for loading and unloading. It has working foot and handbrakes, fitted seats, all glass intact and working operational windows. The body of the vehicle is in good condition and has

If you’re transporting your vehicle to and from Western Australia, it will be required to undergo a quarantine inspection.

Check the following areas for Quarantine Risk Material (QRM). This includes items such as: plants, flowers, seeds, hay, soil, honey, insects, nuts, food scrap

Avoid car carriers and deal directly with auto transport brokers?
It is always the question you want to ask?

If I deal with a broker will they get me the best price to transport my vehicle?
It sure is easy going through a broker instead of shopping around.

Here a

  • Does your car have a E-Tag ?
    Remove or deactivate any toll tags or parking passes in your car.
    Why? Our Car Carriers do go through tolling points around Australia and you could be charged on the way to the destination.

  • I have not booked my car with items, can I leave my baby seat or capsule inside my car?
    Yes you can as long as the seats are fitted and will be secured to the vehicle during transit.

Firstly you’re asking – why was my car taped in the first place?

This is as the vehicles are sometimes transported on our carriers rear forwards. Parts such as rear window louvres, rain sheilds and side mirror caps are not designed to have the wind pushing the opposite way –

We recently heard a story on the road about a stressed out truckie

A driver is given a task of taking a 25-ton load from Darwin to Adelaide. He hooks up the trailer and takes off down Winnellie Road.

At the intersection he has to stop for a red light. This particular lane is o

There are times when you need to move your car and don't have time or the resources to drive it. This is where a car transport company can come in and help you out!

A car transport company is a transport company which moves your car starting with one place then onto the next. Whether it