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Direct Transport Company VS Transport Broker?

Posted On 18 August, 2016

Direct Transport Company VS Transport Broker?

Avoid car carriers and deal directly with auto transport brokers?
It is always the question you want to ask?

If I deal with a broker will they get me the best price to transport my vehicle?
It sure is easy going through a broker instead of shopping around.

Here at SMB Australia Car Transport we recommend that you do shop around!

Ask us for a price and feel free to shop around and ask other companies.

Many brokers provide a competitive environment in which car carriers compete against each other to win your business. Sure, this may seem great from a price standpoint but be very careful.

If you have contacted a broker only, you may want to reconsider that.

Often, dealing with car transport brokers, you will be faced with the challenge of no customer relations department to update you on your car delivery.

As soon as your booking is complete, you’re often solely reliant on the carrier to keep you abreast of any situation that may arise.

This may turn your car transport exercise into quite a challenge when you don’t know where your car is on the road and you have no easy way of finding out.

A reliable vehicle transport provider will arrange for you car to be collected up at the most convenient for you time, while offering customer service department that will answer all your questions – no matter how silly they may appear.

If you do end up booking with us at SMB, we will be able to tell you evry step of the way where your vehicle is and the exact transit time.

As a direct vehicle carrier, us at SMB will help you with terms and conditions of the vehicle transport, whereas a broker will simply take your money and rely on the carrier to do the rest.

Consequently, since the reputation of car transport providers like us depends entirely on their customer relations, they will offer more attention and do the best to accommodate their customers.

So why not? Call us for a quote and shop around - we are certian that our friendly customer service consultants will hear more from you :)