Transporting into Western Australia ?


If you’re transporting your vehicle to and from Western Australia, it will be required to undergo a quarantine inspection.

Check the following areas for Quarantine Risk Material (QRM). This includes items such as: plants, flowers, seeds, hay, soil, honey, insects, nuts, food scraps, fruit or vegetable packaging.

  • Seat Covers

  • Carpet / Mats

  • Boot and Spare Tyre

  • Engine – (engine oil and grease is not a quarantine risk)

  • Grill

  • Radiator core

  • Recess under wiper wells

  • Wheel Arches, Mud Flaps and Tyre Rims (particularly rear side)

  • Axels & Diffs

  • Spare tyres on 4WD’s (suspended underneath) Note: these are high risk areas q Water tanks

  • Steps & Running boards

  • Chassis rails and channels

  • Toolboxes and mounts

If your vehicle is quarantined you will be required to pay: to have your vehicle cleaned to a satisfactory standard for entry into WA and, a $100.00 fee for re-inspection by a QWA officer before your vehicle can be released to you.

For more information please contact SMB Australia.