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Preparing Your Vehicle for Transport

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Preparing Your Vehicle for Transport

When preparing your vehicle for transport, you need to be aware that strict guidelines are enforced when transporting to some states. and we

want to make sure that the impact on our customers is minimal.

The information

provided below will be of assistance to you in preparing for your vehicle for transport.

Booking Paperwork

Please check your booking confirmation paperwork to ensure that all details are correct. Please contact us if they are not.

The estimated delivery date provided on your booking confirmation has been calculated in business days – (weekends and public holidays are excluded) and while every effort will be made to meet the estimated delivery date, sometimes conditions beyond our control impact on transport timing. In instances such as these we will contact you to advise you.

How it Works :

Door-to-Door Service

The day prior to your scheduled vehicle collection, our planning team will contact you to arrange a 4 hour window to collect your vehicle. Please make sure that you are available within this window. If you will not be available please appoint an agent (another person) to hand your vehicle to us.

On Collection Day, our driver will collect your vehicle and will complete the Vehicle Condition Report with you. You (or your agent) will be required to sign this document.

The day prior to your scheduled delivery, our planning team will contact you to arrange a 4 hour window in which to deliver your vehicle to you.

On Delivery Day, please make sure that you are available within the delivery window you have agreed to with our planning team. If for any reason you cannot be available, please appoint an agent to take delivery of your vehicle and sign the Vehicle Condition Report.

NOTE: Some towns and cities have restrictions for access by large vehicles, and/or have streets that restricted access. If you’ve requested uplift from or delivery to such a location, SMB will discuss alternative arrangements with you for collection or delivery.

Depot-to-Depot Service

On Drop-off Day, you will hand over your vehicle to a SMB Customer Service Officer at one of our nominated Depots (link to depot page)

We will complete the Vehicle Condition Report with you. If you are not able to deliver the vehicle to us personally, you are required to appoint an agent to do this for you. You (or your agent) will then be required to sign this document.

When your vehicle arrives into our Depot, you will be contacted by a one of our friendly Cusotomer Service Consultants to let you know that your vehicle has arrived and is available for collection.

On Collection Day, please ensure you have your proof of identity (i.e. driver’s licence/passport) and your booking paperwork. We will then hand the vehicle to you and you will be required to complete the Vehicle Condition Report by inspecting your vehicle and you (or your agent) will sign for receipt.

Combination Service (Door* to Depot / Depot to Door*)

These services are also available and work in exactly the same way as outlined above.

*Where access and service is available.

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