I have tape marks on my car! Why?

I have tape marks on my car! Why?

This is as the vehicles are sometimes transported on our carriers rear forwards. Parts such as rear window louvres, rain shields and side mirror caps are not designed to have the wind pushing the opposite way – sometimes making these items loose.

Also with the vibrating of the roads and the vehicles on our trailers these items can sometime fall off. Our drivers use tape to hold these items in place to protect your vehicle! Sometimes when the tape is on for a few days in the heat the tape can melt onto your vehicle making it a little difficult to come off. But don't worry it won't damage your car! To remove the tape residue we kindly ask that you use methylated spirits or eucalyptus oil. Rub this lightly with an old

rag and the residue will come off. After this is done just hose down the area so the oil is not on your vehicle.

If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to call our friendly team!