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Can I transport my vehicle with Items?

Can I transport my vehicle with Items?

Want to transport your vehicle with items? Sure can at SMB Australia Car Transport!

Make sure that your items are below the window height and not on or around the drivers seat! Why? Because items can shake, rattle & roll in transit with the vibrations of the road, so having your items below the window height stops the items from hitting the windows and/or damaging the interior of your beautiful vehicle!

Our drivers also need to have room to get in and out of your car safely so make sure there is full range of motion for the drivers seat!

*Please note that items are priced on weight, if your items are higher than the quoted amount you will be charged accordingly. There is a weight limit on items and how much our carriers can carry so be sure to call our office for anything over 80kgs with an accurate quote and time frame. SMB Australia Car Transport does not hold insurance on items carried inside your vehicle*

**Please note that there is NO insurance on the items, if items are damaged or lost - or if the items damage inside the vehicle during transport**

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